Producing Canned Goods: 4 Reasons to Fire Your Sealing Provider and Buy Your Own Can Sealer Instead

If you aren't already sealing (or seaming) your company's canned products in-house, now is an excellent time to consider investing in the equipment you need to do so. Here are just a few good reasons to buy your own can seamer and get rid of your third-party provider once and for all:

Maintain Complete Control

One great reason to buy your own can seamer is to achieve the ability to maintain complete control over how your canned products are produced. You can decide exactly when your cans get sealed and how the process takes place from beginning to end.

You will know exactly what types of products are being processed through your sealers too—which is important if you're producing allergen-sensitive or plant-based products. Then there won't be a need to indicate that your products may have been produced in plants that produce ingredients that aren't included in your own products.

Optimize Your Scalability

Another important reason to consider buying your own can seamer is to optimize your ability to scale production levels as your business changes in the coming years. If you decide to run a promotion at some point in the future, you won't have to worry about scheduling additional production with a third-party provider.

You can plan and schedule production levels in-house and make the scaling process seamless as time goes on. And if business gets slow, you won't have to worry about keeping contracts fulfilled with your can seaming provider because sealing your cans in-house doesn't require the signing of any contracts.

Save Your Company Some Money

You can easily save your company some money by sealing your cans in-house. While the initial investment in a can sealer may seem steep compared to the cost of a month's worth of production through a third-party provider, the long-term savings are sure to be appreciated. After the initial investment in your can seaming equipment, you won't have to pay any weekly or monthly fees to have your cans sealed by someone else. So you should easily be able to recover the cost of your equipment and then some within just a few short years.

Service Smaller Companies

You may even be able to make your company an extra profit by sealing cans for smaller companies that don't have their own sealing equipment. Whenever you aren't using your equipment to seal your own cans, you can schedule sealing sessions for other companies' goods and charge them accordingly. You'll not only make a profit for your company, but you'll also help ensure that there is always enough work available to keep your employees on the payroll long-term.