4 Types Of Finishes Ideal For Aluminum Die Casting

When you hire a manufacturing company to create aluminum casting products, you have a lot of options to choose from. Once the mold cast is made, you have the option to finish the metal. If you do not want the raw aluminum on the outside, then a finishing option will cover up the design. Check out four types of finishes ideal for aluminum die casting and how the finishes will change the look of your product.

1. Powder Coating

Add a durable and protective layer to your aluminum products with a powder coating. A powder coating comes in multiple colors and has many features including moisture and rust resistance. When you consider powder coating, the powder may slightly change the dimensions and weight of the metal depending on how many layers of powder are applied.

The coating could increase your project budget, but the added protection will minimize the need for repairs or replacement parts in the future.

2. Layer of Paint

If you seek something more lightweight for the aluminum piece, then consider a layer of paint. Many paints include protective features, especially when the manufactured parts are fully covered. The paint allows you to customize the color and the look of a product. Use paint colors to match other parts or to stick with your personal branding.

Paint can also help differentiate between different parts. For example, you may know that the blue parts are bigger than the green parts. The bold paint colors allow you to easily sort through items without the need to look at UPC codes or make measurements.

3. Chromate Coating

If you want to add more of a shine to the finish of your aluminum, then consider chromate coating. Typically available in silver, bronze, and gold, the chromate coating adds a reflective shine to the aluminum. The finish adds a layer of protection and creates a nice visual that really stands out.

4. Silkscreen Coating

Customize your parts even further with a silkscreen finish. The silkscreen can print graphics and text directly on the aluminum or on top of another coating like paint or powder coating. Silkscreen is ideal for printing your company name and adding full branding to specific parts and pieces.

Use silkscreen coatings to create instructions as well. For example, you could put the text "Insert Here" on a specific hole within a product. Silkscreen printing creates a much more durable text rather than relying on a specific sticker or label.

Plan ahead to figure out which aluminum coatings work best for your company and needs. Reach out to a company that provides aluminum die casting like American Die Casting, Inc. to learn more.